Portrait of Tornike Metreveli

Tornike Metreveli

Associate Professor in Sociology of Religions, Lund University

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Tornike Metreveli is a Docent (Associate Professor) in Sociology of Religions at Lund University. He received his doctorate in sociology from the University of Bern in 2017 and has held various fellowships at the University of St Gallen, Harvard’s Davis Center, the London School of Economics, and the House of Commons. Metreveli's research focuses on the intersection of nationalism and religion in the former Soviet Union and Yugoslavia. His first book, Orthodox Christianity and the Politics of Transition, discusses the involvement and influence of Orthodox Christianity in political transitions in Ukraine, Serbia, and Georgia after the collapse of communism. Metreveli was the Principal Investigator of two international research projects examining the responses of Orthodox churches to the pandemic (the results published in his second edited manuscript, Orthodox Christianity and the Covid-19 Pandemic, in press with Routledge) and Territoriality of the Georgian Orthodox Church - toc.ge (for which he won the EU Prize for Journalism).