Yanis Sinaiko

Guest Speaker

Yanis Sinaiko is a poet, translator, editor, and literary critic. He was born in 1990 in L'viv (Ukraine). In 2013 he graduated from the Department of Philosophy of Ivan Franko L'viv National University. MA in Political Philosophy and Political Science. He published two collections of poems Angel-Konstruktor (Angel Constructor) (Kyiv, Locia, 2017), Iz glubiny porazheniia vida (From the depths of the species’ defeat) (Kharkiv, kntxt, 2019). His poems and other works have been translated into English, Italian, German, Polish, Ukrainian, Hebrew, etc., and have been published in literary journals, including Ukrainian Literature in TranslationSHO (WHAT), Vozdukh (Air), SnobHelikopter, etc. In 2016 he co-founded the online platform for poetry in translation Umbrella on the literary portal Litcentr. He also worked as an editor of the micro media for contemporary poetry GRYOZA (DREAM). Sinaiko’s poems were nominated for the Arkady Dragomoshchenko International Price for young Russophone poets (2015, 2017). In 2017-2018, he acted as a performer, author, and co-director for the cross-media event (a collaboration of poetry, music, and digital spaces) Angel-Constructor (Angel Constructor) based on Sinaiko’s book by the same name.  He has curated and participated in various literary events and festivals, including the Festival of Contemporary Ukrainian Poetry organized by the Danylo Husar Struk Programme in Ukrainian Literature of the Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies, the L’viv Book Forum, the Kyiv Book Arsenal, Kyiv Poetry Week, etc. He was a guest author and participant in the discussion “Radical Politics and Radical Poetics in Russia and Ukraine Today” at the University of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia, 2018), and a guest author for the project “Poets in Need” on behalf of the University of Pennsylvania and PEN America (2022). He has translated selected poems, prose, and other fiction and non-fiction works by authors including Charles Reznikoff, Michael Palmer, Jaan Kaplinsky, Galina Rymbu, Philip Pullman, Michael Spitzer, Edwin Morgan, Anna McDonald, etc., into Ukrainian and Russian