The New Jewish Diaspora

How do we make sense of the concepts of “diaspora” and “homeland” in a globalized world?

The vast majority of Russian-speaking Jews today live outside the former Soviet Union. We spoke with Zvi Gitelman about this population, their remarkable impact on the societies that send and receive them, and how traditional notions of "diaspora" and "homeland" have blurred in our globalized world.


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The New Jewish Diaspora: Russian-Speaking Immigrants in Israel, the United States, and Germany
(Rutgers University Press, 2016)
Edited by Zvi Gitelman 
Contributions by Zvi Gitelman, Mark Tolts, Uzi Rebhun, Marina Sapritsky, Jonathan Dekel-Chen, Hannah Pollin-Galay, Steven J. Gold, Olena Bagno-Moldavski, Yaacov Ro'i, Gur Ofer, Eliezer Ben-Rafael, Sveta Roberman, Elena Nosenko-Shtein, Nelly Elias, Julia Lerner, Anna Shternshis, Mikhail Krutikov, Stephanie Sandler, Adrian Wanner

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Professor Emeritus of Political Science, University of Michigan