Welcome 2023 REECA Students

Bringing educational backgrounds as varied as economics, linguistics, and sociology, the REECA class of 2025 has come to campus.

Each year the Davis Center welcomes eight to 10 students pursuing interdisciplinary master’s degrees in regional studies covering Russia, Eastern Europe, and Central Asia (hence "REECA"), as well as the Caucasus and beyond. This two-year program offers advanced training in the history, politics, culture, society, and languages of this vast and changing region. Our graduates go on to become leaders in their chosen field, whether it’s non-profit work, academia, government, or the private sector.

Our newest cohort includes Fulbright scholars and foreign area officers from the U.S. military, students with experience at think tanks and the U.N., and interests as broad as the region. Get to know them!

Class of 2025

Michael Baker, B.A., Russian & East European Studies; Foreign Affairs, University of Virginia, 2013
Olwen Blessing, B.A., Political Science; Russian Languages and Culture, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 2020
Valerie Browne, B.A., Russian Studies; English, West Virginia University, 2022
Olive Coles, B.A., Russian & East European Studies;  Political Science, University of Pennsylvania, 2023
Tessa Conrardy, Government, Harvard College, Expected 2024
Polina Galouchko, B.A., Economics, Harvard College, 2023
Julian Gonzales-Poirier, B.A., Russian, Middlebury College, 2023
Emily Hackett, B.A., International Relations; Slavic Studies, Connecticut College, 2023
Robert Mezs, B.A., Foreign Area Studies of Eurasia, United States Military Academy, 2012
Darya Podgoretskaya, B.A., Politics, Sociology, East European Studies, University College London, 2022
Lucinda Ray, B.A., Linguistics; French; Russian, Purdue University, 2020
Lavinia Teodorescu, Government, Harvard College, Expected 2024