Guidebook to a Lost Empire: A Project In Process

picture of book

Baedeker's Russia, title page

Thursday, October 1, 2020

When journalist Harrison Salisbury first visited the Soviet Union in 1944, he tucked a copy of what he called “the last, best” guidebook into his gas mask bag. It (the book, not the gas mask) had been published, for the first time in English, in 1914 in Leipzig by the famous Baedeker publishing house.

Join the Imperiia Project on a virtual excursion through late imperial Russia and explore the space and culture of the empire. Guidebook to a Lost Empire is a project in process and part of Imperiia Project director Kelly O'Neill's Hist1947 class. It will run through November and unfold on Twitter and in Scalar.

Follow the conversation using the hashtag #Russia1914.