Marianna Muravyeva

Guest Speaker

Professor of Law

Areas of Expertise


Marianna Muravyeva is a Professor of Law at the Aleksanteri Institute - Finnish Centre for Russian and East European Studies. She has worked as a researcher, trainer and professor for academic and non-academic agencies and projects, including the UN (UNDP program in Central Asia), NGOs (including women’s shelters in St. Petersburg) and a number of universities in Russia, Finland, the US and the UK. Her research is interdisciplinary, bringing together history, social sciences and law to examine long-term trends and patterns in social development with a special focus on normativity, gender and violence. Some of her most recent projects focus on human rights of women and austerity, conservative jurisprudence, violence against women, and family violence (violence against parents and domestic violence). She co-chairs the Women and Gender Network of the European Social Sciences History Conference and is a founding member of the Russian Association of Women’s Historians (RAIZhI).