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Zotero Collaborative Research Portal

Collaborative research portal for bibliographic and primary-source materials in Russian and Soviet History, with links to a number of specialized bibliographies that have been developed to offer guidance on library and archival holdings in particular fields.

Archival Resources for Soviet History in Harvard Libraries and Depositories

Compiled by Matthew Lenoe.

Bibliographic Research Guide to Soviet History

Compiled by Andrea Graziosi, University of Naples.
Copyright Presses Universitaires de France. Any use of this bibliography for purposes other than teaching and personal scholarly research is prohibited.

This bibliography is the "mother" of the bibliography for the volume on Soviet history for the Nouvelle Clio, a collection of the Presses Universitaires de France. Nouvelle Clio volumes are intended not just as textbooks for students, but also as reference books for non-specialists in the field, such as historians of other countries and periods, students of social sciences, literature or the arts, graduate students, and cultivated readers in general.

A Research Guide to Soviet History

Updated version of a guide originally prepared by Donald Raleigh of University of North Carolina. Organized by document type (General Research Aids, Bibliographies, Archives, Published Research Collections, Periodicals & Newspapers, Biographical Sources.) Please note that catalog links and references to "Davis Library" are to the main UNC library, not the Davis Center's library collection at Harvard.

The Great Terror Bibliography

Compiled by Rolf Binner, Marc Junge, and Terry Martin. 20 pages, PDF file. Focuses on primary documentary sources related to the mass operations of the Great Terror in the Soviet provinces.

English-Language Primary Sources for the Study of Soviet History

Compiled by Terry Martin. This online resource is intended to facilitate Harvard students' use of primary source materials in their course papers by easing the process of identifying relevant English-language books and publications. Students should be aware that these databases do not come close to identifying all English-language primary sources in Harvard's libraries.

Document Collections on Russian and Soviet History

Compiled by Peter A. Blitstein. A bibliography of archival document collections on Russian and Soviet history that were published during the period 1989-1998. Most of these documents had not been previously published.