Born in Prague, I lived in several countries, and was educated in four languages: Czech, Russian, French and English. I am a published author of works in lexicography, pedagogy, Czech language and literature, literary criticism, film and theater, translation, literary theory, and fiction. I published introductions to books and book reviews, and I also have been a frequent contributor to Britské listy, and Contributing Editor to Plamen Press. In the past, I was a free-lance columnist for The Prague Post. I have taught at several universities, including Boston College, Boston University, Tufts, the University of Texas-Austin, Harvard University and Yale, where I am in charge of Czech studies.

My textbook "Czech Language: Crystal Clear Czech from Beginners to Advanced" is under contract with Routledge due to be published in 2021.

My recently published books are the following:

Czech: An Essential Grammar. Co-author of the new updated edition with the late Oxford scholar James Naughton. Routledge, December 2020.

Milan Kundera’s Fiction: A Critical Approach to Existential Betrayals. Lexington Books of Rowman and Littlefield, 2019. Traces Kundera’s literary aspirations to a single police episode in Stalinist Prague in 1950. One anonymous evaluator stated: “I have taught Kundera for over 30 years, and I must say I am very impressed by this work. It is by far the clearest and also the most profound reading of Kundera I have read.”

My complete list of published books is to be found: