Klavdia Smola

Klavdia Smola

Guest Speaker

Professor and Chair of Slavic Literatures, Technische Universität Dresden

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Klavdia Smola is professor and chair of Slavic Literatures at Technische Universität Dresden (Germany) and a visiting scholar at the Harriman Institute, Columbia University. Her latest book, Reinventing Tradition: Russian-Jewish Literature between Soviet Underground and Post-Soviet Deconstruction, has been published in German (2019), Russian (2021) and English (2023). She (co-)edited a number of books and special issues of journals, among them are The Oxford Handbook of Soviet Underground Culture (2022); (Multi)national Faces of Socialist Realism: Beyond the Russian Literary Canon (special issue of Slavic Review, 2022), Russia–Culture of (Non-)Conformity: From the Late Soviet Era to the Present (special issue of Russian Literature, 2018), Jewish Underground Culture in the late Soviet Union (special issue of the journal East European Jewish Affairs, 2018), Postcolonial Slavic Literatures after Communism (2016); Jewish Spaces and Topographies in East-Central Europe: Constructions in Literature and Culture (2014, in German), and Eastern European Jewish Literatures of the 20th and 21st Centuries: Identity and Poetics (2013). Professor Smola was born in Moscow to a literary family and has been living and working in Germany since 1997