Born in former Czechoslovakia, Marie H Kurfirtova studied piano performance at the Prague Conservatory. Due to the unfavorable political climate in her native country, she left for Italy in 1976 and later moved to the USA, first residing in New York City and in 1978 relocating to Boston. From 1978 to 1982, Marie studied jazz piano at the Berklee College of Music. After her graduation, she collaborated on projects with various musicians and co-taught the Voice Workshop classes at the Boston Center for Adult Education from 2005 until the center closed its doors in 2019. While at Harvard University, she pursued studies of Sanskrit, Tamil and Tibetan languages, ancient Indian religious rituals and literatures as well as Buddhist Studies. She has been particularly interested in linguistic connections between the Indo-European languages and comparative mythology of Slavic and Sanskrit traditions. Currently, she is compiling a lexicon of Czech and Sanskrit verbal roots that are common to both languages. In addition, Marie has published Czech language and literature book reviews in professional journals.