Summer Travel & Research Grants

Harvard graduate students can apply for funding to support research travel to the former Soviet Union or Eastern Europe during the summer and academic year. 

Research, Travel, and Internship Grants

The Davis Center offers grants to Harvard graduate students for research travel, research stays, and/or internships to the former Soviet Union or Eastern Europe. The maximum stipend is $5,000 and can be used during the summer or academic year.

Opportunity for research travel to Georgia 

To encourage graduate student research in Georgia, two of the $5,000 grants will be funded by the Program on Georgian Studies for research travel in the country, for use in summer 2024 or academic year 2024-2025. These grants are competitive and extend to all disciplines, including STEM and the arts. If you wish to apply for this opportunity, please clearly indicate this in your proposal.


The competition is open to Harvard doctoral and master’s candidates whose research focuses on Russia, Eastern Europe, Southeastern Europe, the Caucasus, and/or Central Asia, and who intend to travel to those regions to complete their research. Funding priority is given to doctoral candidates in the humanities or social sciences, as well as to first-year master’s degree candidates in the program in Regional Studies: Russia, Eastern Europe, and Central Asia (REECA).


Please apply using the FAS Common Application for Research and Travel (CARAT).

All proposals must include a detailed travel plan and corresponding budget.  

Applications for summer 2024 and the 2024–25 academic year are now closed. Decisions will be announced in early April 2024.


  • In CARAT, select the grant "Davis Center for Russian and Eurasian Studies Graduate Research Travel Grant." 
  • Arrange for one letter of recommendation to be uploaded to CARAT directly.
  • Include a current printed grade report from the Registrar’s Office (an official transcript is not necessary). To access and print your grade report, go to and sign in. Click on "Campus Resources." Under "FAS Academics," click on "Online Student Record."
  • Have questions about the application or about research travel in the region? Contact Kate Flaherty, Research Programs Coordinator.