Ia Tserodze

As political unrest broke out in Georgia last year, Ia Tserodze was frustrated that she could not fulfill her desire to be an active citizen from abroad. Here's what she did about it.

Energy image

Senior fellow Aurélie Bros and Energy Project associate Thierry Bros argue that the European Union should ban coal and set a maximum level on methane emissions from upstream gas production instead of imposing the proposed carbon tax border.

smoking cinderella

The Davis Center Library recently digitized its Soviet Information Bureau Photograph Collection. These nearly 5,800 black-and-white photographs provide a stunning visual record of daily life, culture, and politics at the start of the Cold War.

Nargis Kassenova headshot

"Behind the façade of strategic good neighbourliness, there are tensions and potential cracks," writes Senior Fellow Nargis Kassenova of Kazakhstan's relations with Russia and China. Read the latest Chatham House report, "Kazakhstan: Tested by Transition."

energy project

Senior Fellow Aurélie Bros and Energy Project Associate Thierry Bros coauthored a recent open letter to Ursula von der Leyen, president-elect of the European Commission.

Malik Dahlan

Prof. Dr. Malik R. Dahlan, Senior Mediation Fellow with the Negotiation Task Force, joined us for a conversation about the changing role of mediation in international politics and opportunities for bringing innovative techniques to the field.

Photo of authors

Researchers from the Davis Center’s Negotiation Task Force have published a new Harvard case study examining the peace process in Western Sahara, one of the world’s most protracted conflicts.

Page from USSR in Constitution

Angela Wheeler, a doctoral student in the Graduate School of Design, is creating the first English-language guide to Tbilisi’s buildings and history since the collapse of the USSR.

70th photo collage

Anyone who studies Russia and Eurasia knows that a lot can happen in seventy years. As we gathered to mark the 70th anniversary of the Davis Center, alumni and friends shared stories of how they got interested in the region and how studying at Harvard changed their lives.

Arvid Bell, Kelly O'Neill, Nargis Kassenova

Meet the three outstanding scholars who are pursuing the research they're passionate about while also creating meaningful programming for the community.