Visiting Scholars Program

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Please note: The Visiting Scholars Program is full for fall 2020. We are currently accepting applications for spring 2021.

For those requiring earlier notification in support of other applications (e.g. Fulbright, Marie Curie), please contact the Research Programs Coordinator after submitting your Davis Center application. 

Scholars with outside funding may apply to become unpaid Fellows or Visiting Scholars at the Davis Center. Commonly, such scholars arrange for a living stipend from an organization such as Fulbright, IREX, or the Social Science Research Council.

If selected to join the Davis Center as a Visiting Scholar or Fellow, candidates will be invited to participate in Fellows Program activities, though they are not required to participate in this program. All Visiting Scholars receive borrowing privileges at the Harvard libraries, and, in some cases, receive shared office space.

To be considered for an unpaid Visiting Scholar or Fellow position at the Davis Center, candidates must submit a CV and research proposal to the Research Programs Coordinator with their research goals, and any other pertinent information about their academic credentials and the grant for which they are applying via the Visiting Scholar Application. For those seeking letters of support for other applications (e.g. Fulbright, Marie Curie) they should allow a minimum lead time of six weeks. The Davis Center does not retroactively approve applications that include a residency at the Center. Please be sure to contact the Davis Center at least six weeks prior to submitting your initial application.