Andriy Semenyuk

Andriy Semenyuk

Guest Speaker

Journalist and Filmmaker

Andriy Semenyuk grew up in Lviv. Ukraine. He studied history and sociology at the Ivan Franko National University of Lviv. He started his career as a creative manager at "Dzyga" Art Association and later became the morning show host at RadioMan.

In 2006, he studied visual journalism at Western Washington University and became deeply interested in multimedia storytelling. After finishing his degree, Semenyuk returned to Ukraine to work as a multimedia producer at Worldwide News, Ukraine's English-language publication. In 2018, he relocated to Los Angeles to work as a cinematographer and filmmaker.  Since then, he has filmed several documentaries and features, including  "Outside," where he served as director of photography.

Following Russia’s full-scale invasion, Semenyuk reconnected with long-time colleague Roman Zajac to film “Wounded Land”, which chronicles how Ukrainian vintners and farmers are producing during wartime.