Rasool Taleb

Guest Speaker

Former Advisor to President and Member of the Negotiating Team of IRoA

Dr. Rasool Talib is the former Senior Advisor to the President and former Member of the Negotiating Team of the IRoA. 

Dr. Talib is a former Mujahideen that fought against the Soviets. In 1989, he was appointed as the head of the Pakistan office of the Hazara-led political party, Hezb-e-Wahdat. He became a member of its Central Council and was responsible for the party’s foreign relations. Dr. Talib attended the UN meeting to form an interim government to replace Dr. Najibullah’s government, meetings of the Mujaheddin leaders that led to the Islamabad and Mecca agreements, and negotiations with the Taliban leadership in 1998. Dr. Talib holds a medical degree from Kabul University.