Svitlana Zaluzna

Svitlana Zaluzna

Guest Speaker

Activist and Founder of Open Nations

Svitlana Zaluzna is a dedicated professional committed to community development and fostering positive social change. With a background in business and humanities, Svitlana's career has been marked by her innovative approach to education and her passion for promoting humane values and multicultural tolerance.

Since the full-scale invasion of Ukraine, Svitlana has moved to Lithuania, where she founded the NGO "Open Nations," and with the assistance of Open Lithuania Foundation, secured funding for the UA+LT=TULA project, focused on fostering mutual integration and building resilient Ukrainian--–Lithuanian communities through educational events and family camps. Svitlana has also joined a team of the Open Lithuania Foundation to develop Ukreate Hub as a platform supporting displaced Ukrainian civil society. 

Before Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, Svitlana played a pivotal role in creating and managing innovative educational spaces. In 2020, she embarked on a transformative endeavor with her husband, establishing a family social business named ЗОРЕЛОВИ.