Liudmyla Huliaieva

Guest Speaker

Global MIT At-Risk Fellows (GMAF) Program Fellow, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Honorary Professor, Academy of Labour, Social Relations and Tourism, Ukraine

Areas of Expertise

Time Period

Liudmyla Huliaieva, an esteemed economist and GMAF Program Fellow at MIT, holds a PhD in Economics from Kyiv National Economic University. Dedicated to empowering Ukrainian women migrants, her research encompasses economic adaptation, policy development, and financial independence through education and entrepreneurship. In 2021-2022, as an Associate Fellow at the Polish Academy of Sciences - PIASt, she undertook research on women migrants in Ukraine and Poland, supported by IIAS and IWM. Currently, she leads a project on Ukrainian women migrants' financial status under the GMAF Program and is authoring a book on the subject. Dr. Huliaieva is a leading expert at the Kyiv Business School, Vice President of the NGO "League of Investment Development," and is deeply involved in social projects supporting women and children in challenging situations through engagement with various NGOs and volunteer initiatives in Ukraine and Poland, highlighting her commitment to social inclusiveness and the economic empowerment of women.