Victoria Khiterer

Victoria Khiterer

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Professor of History, Millersville University

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Dr. Victoria Khiterer is a Professor of History at Millersville University, Pennsylvania. She is a founding member of the Academic Council of the Babyn Yar Holocaust Memorial Center in Kyiv, Ukraine. Khiterer is the author and editor of seven books and over a hundred articles on Ukrainian, Russian, and Eastern European Jewish History and the Holocaust. Her book Jewish City or Inferno of Russian Israel? A History of the Jews in Kyiv before February 1917 (2016) received the Choice Outstanding Academic Titles Award in 2017. Khiterer also published the book Jewish Pogroms in Kyiv during the Russian Civil War, 1918-1920 (2015) and two books about Jewish archival collections in Kyiv archives. She also edited three volumes of the Millersville University Holocaust Conference proceedings: Aftermath of the Holocaust and Genocides (2020), Holocaust Resistance in Europe and America: New Aspects and Dilemmas (2017), and The Holocaust: Memories and History (2014). Victoria Khiterer is currently completing her new monograph, Echo of Babyn Yar: Commemoration and Memorialization of the Holocaust in Kyiv.