Current Projects

Here are some of the projects the Program on Central Asia is working on right now. 

Renewable Energy Transition in Central Asia (RETCA)

RETCA addresses energy security challenges and environmental problems in Central Asia by studying the governance and politics of the region’s green energy transition. 

Digital Silk Road in Central Asia: Present and Future

A project to study the processes of digitalization and growing digital connectivity in Central Asia, and the role that China and Chinese information communication technology (ICT) companies play in them.

Caspiana: A Digital Toolbox for Students of Central Asia and the South Caucasus

Providing comprehensive lists of qualitative and quantitative sources for all countries of the region.

Collapse and Rebirth: A Living Archive on the End of the USSR and Afterward

A project to develop a user-friendly, publicly accessible and expandable multimedia internet archive of accounts of key events that led to the breakup of the USSR and subsequent developments in its successor states

Oral History of State-Making in Central Asia 1985-1999

An ongoing effort to capture the untold and unrecorded stories of making decisions at a crucial stage of the formation of Central Asian polities and economies.