Opportunities for Harvard Students

Courses, grants, and travel: Learn how you can take advantage of all the Program on Georgian Studies has to offer.


Every semester, we offer courses related to Georgia and Georgian studies. We encourage you to register for one or more of the courses listed below.

Spring 2024

Tutorial in Georgian Language: GRGN Ar

Individualized study of the Georgian language at the Elementary level. Conducted as a tutorial. A two semester introductory course in modern Georgian language and culture, designed for students without previous knowledge who would like to speak Georgian or use the language for reading and research. All four major communicative skills (speaking, listening comprehension, reading, writing) are stressed. Students are exposed to Georgian culture through work with film, journalism, and literature as they learn to use the language both as a means of communication and as a tool for reading and research.

Decolonizing the South: Nation Building and Empire in the Caucasus:

GOV 1237

The South Caucasus (Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia) has been in the Russian sphere of influence for two centuries. Focusing on the experience of the South Caucasian states, we will explore the impact of Russian imperialism from the 19th to 21st centuries.  Political, economic and cultural legacies of empire linger long after imperial collapse. In what ways has Russia’s empire shaped domestic politics (nation and democracy building, identity and the arts), along with the foreign and security policies of the South Caucasian states? The war in Ukraine has accelerated the decolonization of Russia’s (and the USSR’s) former imperial periphery. How is the war reshaping geopolitics and Great Power competition in the region (Nagorno-Karabakh, the rise of Turkey, the expansion of China, and a renewed focus on the strategic role of the Black Sea)?  This is an interdisciplinary course using texts, podcasts, film, and literature to understand the topic. 

Research Travel Grants

Every year, graduate students in all disciplines can apply for grants to conduct research in Georgia. Students have the opportunity to present their research when they return to Harvard.

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Summer Internships

Every summer, two students are able to apply for internships in Georgia. This program provides Harvard students with international work experience, gives them insight into Georgian culture, and provides them with new skills. Internships could range from civil society organizations to finance, health, museum work, and more. 

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Conference Funding

Harvard graduate students can apply for funding to attend conferences related to Georgian Studies. Priority is given to students who will be presenting their own work. You need a Harvard Key to access the application.

Student Symposium

Every year, students organize a symposium under the guidance of the Program Director. Students are encouraged to be creative in organizing the symposium, which might involve inviting guest speakers, students organizing discussions around a Georgian film series, presenting their own work on Georgia and the region for their peers, or organizing an exhibition.

Email GeorgianStudies@fas.harvard.edu for more information.

Student Research on Georgia

South Asian Students in Georgia Are Getting More Than They Bargained For

Sarah Ramberran, a junior at Harvard college and an intern at Civil.ge, explores the intersection of educational institution opportunities and South Asian identity.

The Case for a U.S. Base in Georgia

How can the United States deter a future Russian invasion against another neighbor? Chris Higgins, REECA A.M '22, explains why bases matter.