A new model for building programs comes to the Davis Center this year: the Scholar-Entrepreneur, the active scholar who is also passionate about building institutions and programs. By creating an ecosystem in which outstanding scholars pursue their research agendas while mentoring students and creating programming for the community, the Davis Center seeks to foster opportunities for innovative scholarship and learning while bringing regional studies closer to practice. Learn more...

The Imperiia Project | Kelly O'Neill, Director

The Imperiia Project exists for a simple purpose: to study the spatial history of the Russian Empire. Think of it as a long-term, collaborative attempt to explain why “where” matters. It is grounded in the conviction that thinking spatially prompts us to ask new questions, work in new ways, produce new knowledge, communicate that knowledge through new media, and build new communities. To that end, our team infuses the methods of geographic information science into the study of the past. We are building a research platform and exploring the potential of telling “map stories.”

Negotiation Task Force | Arvid Bell, Director

The Negotiation Task Force (NTF) promotes innovative solutions to Euro-Atlantic and Eurasian security challenges by creating spaces for cross-cultural negotiation research, training, and strategic analysis. We pioneer new models for high-impact knowledge dissemination, train practitioners in advanced negotiation skills, and build long-term conflict management capacity.

Program on Central Asia | Nargis Kassenova, Senior Fellow

The Program on Central Asia was established to strengthen research and teaching at Harvard on the history and current affairs of five Central Asian countries: Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan. It supports the study of the region using tools and insights from across the social sciences and humanities. Program activities include curriculum development and course offerings, research projects, public lectures and seminars, resource development, and facilitation of research by students and visiting scholars.