Negotiation Task Force

Scholar-Entrepreneur Initiative

The NTF promotes innovative solutions to Euro-Atlantic and Eurasian security challenges by creating spaces for cross-cultural negotiation research, training, and strategic analysis. We pioneer new models for high-impact knowledge dissemination, train practitioners in advanced negotiation skills, and build long-term conflict management capacity.

The Negotiation Task Force (NTF) hosts the Red Horizon crisis exercise for senior leaders, trains the next generation of security experts at the Arms Control Negotiation Academy (ACONA), creates immersive negotiation simulations, and disseminates knowledge through negotiation boot camps.

  • Are you a student interested in international affairs or negotiation? Become an NTF Research Assistant or Case Writer!
  • Are you a scholar who focuses on security issues in Eurasia? Join our international network of experts!
  • Are you a professional interested in sharpening your negotiating skills? Apply for the Red Horizon Executive Education program!

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NTF Activities

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The beginning of the Open Skies Treaty marked a new period of friendship between Russia and the United States. Its demise is the latest in a series of turns for the worse.

Strong interpersonal relationships can be an asset in negotiations. But you should never rely on them alone to produce positive breakthroughs.

During a negotiation, one of your counterparts makes an untrue statement. How should you respond?

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