Research on Central Asia

yurts in central asia

Collapse and Rebirth: A Living Archive on the End of the USSR and Afterward 1985-1995

The project will develop a user friendly, publicly accessible and expandable multi-media internet archive of accounts of key events that led to the breakup of the USSR and subsequent developments in its successor states, covering the period 1985-1995. The project will serve as a comprehensive resource on developments, trends and connections between events that took place in different parts of the dissolving empire. Co-led by Michigan State University.

Oral History Project on State-Making in Central Asia 1985-1999

The goal of the project is to carry out a series of interviews with Central Asian and Western policy makers, diplomats and top managers active in the late 1980s and 1990s to capture the untold and unrecorded stories of making decisions at a crucial stage of the formation of Central Asian polities and economies. 

Governing the Belt and Road: China and Eurasia in Comparative Perspective

The project will address questions related to the state of governance of BRI projects in Eurasia and beyond, focusing on key norm-producing actors and trends; the main challenges to the good governance of BRI projects such as shortage of transparency and accountability, problem of debt sustainability, lower standards of environmental and social governance; and the state of governance in recipient countries in different regions of the world, the experiences of Chinese investors operating in them, and lessons learned or to learn from these interactions. The project should contribute to our understanding of the variety of factors influencing the governance of BRI projects and linkages between them.